Together we're changing lives

It happens in dramatic, never-the-same-again ways. And in essential, life-is-a-little-better ways. We exist to change lives, to maximise returns to National Lottery Projects. But we couldn't do it without you – with every game you play, you make the UK better – play makes it possible.

Life changing projects

£30 million every week, on averageΔ. That's what players like you give to our projects. That's massive. You help build local communities, power sports teams, save the environment, unleash creative talent, empower the elderly and unlock young potential. Each week 400 new projects are supported. You're changing lives.

Every part of the UK gets reached, averaging 170 projects per postcode area. That's over £37 billion, invested in the nation by 12 specialist organisations that ensure it goes exactly where it's needed.

Changing Nation

We're the nation's chance to dream. Our games are fun and exciting, and should always remain so. That's why player welfare, high standards and honesty are in our DNA.

Responsible Play

What does this mean to you? It means we always encourage Responsible Play. It means we always protect our players. It means lots of people playing a little, rather than a few playing a lot. We're all about changing lives for the better.